Consequences of Covid-19: thought disorders and dizziness

Many Covid 19 patients suffer from neurological side effects, some of which last longer. The virus can cause damage in the brain, but it doesn’t seem to be that alone.

Covid 19 disease can lead to concentration and thinking disorders.

It gets under your skin to see how Covid-19 patients, who have been artificially ventilated for weeks, dare to take their first steps with all their strength; And how shocked you are when, despite intensive rehabilitation measures, neurological deficits persist, making recovery a long way off. Most often, those affected complain of pronounced concentration and thought disorders, inexplicable mood swings, chronic nerve pain or dizziness. Extremely rare neurological conditions such as cranial nerve failure and cortical blindness have also been observed. The broad spectrum of neurological symptoms after Covid-19 is subsumed under the term Neuro-Covid.

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