Consomac: HomePod mini: from USB-C … not detachable

The HomePod mini power supply, presented by apple this week is different from the classic HomePod. For the large HomePod, the power cable connects directly to the wall outlet, without an external power supply. The HomePod mini, on the other hand, comes with a 20W power adapter, the one that is normally charged. 25 € optional with the purchase of an iPhone. MacRumors Confirms today that yes, the HomePod mini power cable does end with a USB-C connector.

This is good news: it will not be mandatory to use the Apple charger in the event of failure, loss, etc. It even opens the door to other uses: what if you could plug the HomePod mini into a Mac or an external battery? Apple has absolutely not communicated on this possibility which will therefore remain at the stage of the hypothesis for the moment. We will of course be quick to verify this when the venue arrives on November 16.

On the other hand, we could see on the presentation videos of the HomePod mini that the connector on the speaker is similar to that of the classic HomePod: it is therefore proprietary and not detachable (well if, but no). We regret that Apple has not pushed its logic to integrate a USB-C connector to the HomePod mini. This would be a guarantee of durability, and it would also allow users to be able to use cables of varying lengths depending on their installation.

HomePod mini pre-orders launch on Friday, November 6 on the Apple Store, and Apple’s new small smart speaker will be officially available ten days later on Monday, November 16. Available in white or black, the HomePod mini will be sold for € 99.

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