Conspiracy trailer: Noomi Rapace and Orlando Bloom thwart a terrorist attack in London

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Cradled from an early age by New Hollywood cinema, Vincent Formica very early discovered the works of Martin Scorsese, Coppola, De Palma and Steven Spielberg. Thanks to these cinema godfathers, he will learn to deeply love the 7th art, forging an eclectic cinephilia.

Discover the first images of Conspiracy, a spy-action film bringing together a great range of stars, from Michael Douglas to John Malkovich, including Orlando Bloom, Noomi Rapace and Toni Collette. Release scheduled for May 31 in theaters.

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The story of Conspiracy follows uno CIA investigator; the latter makes a mistake, and finds herself at the center of a plot involving a biological attack on London.

The film is directed by Michael Apted, to whom we owe several solid thrillers such as Gorky Park (1983), Firstborn (1984), Unclassified Affair (1991), Heart of Thunder (1992) or Blink (1994). The filmmaker also directed an episode of the adventures of James Bond in 1999, The World Is Not Enough. He returns to the big screen after several years working on TV, directing episodes of Masters of sex or Ray Donovan.

Paramount Pictures France

Michael Douglas and Noomi Rapace

The Brit has surrounded himself with a nice cast for this muscular spy thriller; we find the Swedish Noomi Rapace, who smashes the bad guy with class, Orlando Bloom, Michael Douglas, John Malkovich and Toni Collette. The injection of this dose of adrenalin is scheduled for May 31, 2017!

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