Construction collapsed in La Bota did not have any permits; there are four deceased

Structural collapse in La Bota, north of Quito

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Structural collapse in La Bota, north of Quito

After 22:00 on February 8, the Quito Fire Department reported that after several hours of Search and removal work in the structural collapse in La Bota, north of Quito, found four dead people. According to César Díaz, Secretary General for Security and Governance, the construction did not have any permits, “therefore it was illegal.”

The institution works with the help of relief teams to stay on site with removal work and until it is verified that there are no more victims.

Structural collapse in La Bota, north of Quito / Quito Informa

At 3:25 p.m. yesterday, the collapse of a wall of a retaining wall in Texeiros and Taraxacos streets, La Bota sector was reported to ECU 911.

Specialized units of the Fire Department of Quito, with 43 troops, 6 vehicles of: rescue, rapid intervention, ambulances, motorcycles, incident command. Likewise, 2 drones were used for reconnaissance and surveillance, body identification cameras in structures, and motion detectors.

Structural collapse in La Bota, north of Quito / Quito Informa

In addition, the Canine Unit carried out the first inspection using K-sar techniques, identifying the place where the first victim was located, and subsequently the staff continued to carry out removal and search tasks. The discovery of two other bodies under the rubble was later confirmed. Later, at 02:00 this Tuesday, they found another.

Structural collapse in the La Bota / Firefighters Quito sector

Machinery of the Municipality of Quito, Secretariat of Security and EMSeguridad, as well as search dogs, motion detectors and cameras were used to remove the material and find the victims.

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Two homes affected

The collapse comprised the descent of 1,000 cubic meters of material. Díaz explained that after the fact, 60 members of the Fire Department and the National Police were mobilized.

He explained that the collapse also affected two houses, located at the top of the wall, and that the Risk Management Directorate of the Ministry of Security assesses the danger for these two families.

Structural collapse in the La Bota sector, north of Quito / Firefighters of Quito

Yesterday they evacuated two families from the sector.

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