consumer confidence index falls at Christmas

The consumer confidence index delivered by Fedesarrollo shows that fewer and fewer Colombians aspire to power comprar things like a car or a house.

In November this index, quoted for the Republicpoints out that Colombians are 5% less willing to buy a house or carcompared to how willing they were in October.

“Today there is less confidence among consumers when it comes to spending when compared to the previous month. This ranks as the lowest balance obtained since May 2021 ”, details the analysis collected by that newspaper.

Similarly, the index adds that, by inflationthe middle class and the upper-middle class are the ones that have resigned the most your intention to buy goods like house or car.

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“Regarding the willingness to buy a home, it fell 6.1% compared to last month. by cities, this indicator had a decrease in two of the five cities analyzed (Bogotá and Barranquilla) when compared to October 2022,” added the report compiled by that newspaper.

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The purchase of other goods such as household appliances also came to a screeching halt this year-end. Between October and November 2022, the purchase intention of these products fell by 5%. intention to spend money in a car fell 2%pointed out the Fedesarrollo analysis.

Minimum wage 2023 It would not be a great help for the pocket of Colombians

Though the final figure has not been made officialit is expected that the increase in the minimum wage in Colombia will be 150,000 pesos. Several unions asked for a higher increase.

The version of the 150,000 pesos, that is, 15%, comes from a document of the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Labor. According to Snail Newsthe 15% figure is the one that takes the greatest strength in those portfolios.

However, the Minister of Labor, Gloria Inés Ramírez, pointed out that the documents are part of projections and do not represent a decision already made about it.

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