Consumer Council|Test Reports on Biscuits, Infants and Toddlers, and Mountain Shoes


The Consumer Council tested 60 samples of prepackaged biscuits on the market and found that all samples were found to contain contaminants generated during processing, including genetic carcinogens glycidol and/or acrylamide, of which 7 had the worst scores.

Related reports:Biscuits | All 60 types of packaged biscuits have the worst scores of genetic carcinogen pollutants detected. 7 types include MUJI Red Bean Sandwich Cake[attachedlistShortfilm

Biscuits|17 types of high-fat and high-sugar biscuits, 5 types of high-fat and high-sodium biscuits[list attached]

Cereals for infants and young children

Among the 17 cereals (pastes) for infants and young children made from rice or oats, 80% of the samples were found to contain trace amounts of heavy metal cadmium.

Related reports:Cereals for infants and young children|80% of the samples contained trace amounts of cadmium that did not exceed the EU upper limit[Video]

Cereal foods for infants and young children|3 types of pastes have a high overall safety rating[Attached list and 4 important points for preparing cereals]

Hiking shoes, hiking backpack

The Consumer Council tested 11 models of waterproof hiking shoes, and 3 models were exposed to water in less than one hour in the immersion test. The Consumer Council also tested 13 hiking backpacks, and 3 samples failed to effectively resist rain when the rain shield was not used, and the contents inside were wet.

Related reports:Hiking shoes | 6 hiking shoes are inferior in waterproof performance 3 samples have been soaked in water for one hour[list attached]

Confinement service

19 companies or organizations that provide confinement services have found that there is no uniform definition of the qualifications of confinement workers.

Related reports:Confinement confinement |The disparity in seniority of confinement confinement staff is not defined. The monthly accommodation charges differ by more than 3 times[with Consumer Council reminder 7 attention]


Consumer vouchers|The Consumer Council received more than 300 complaints, including repeated deductions, minimum spending by merchants, etc.

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