Contact case, Jean Castex isolates himself for 7 days

Jean Castex, Prime Minister. – ELIOT BLONDET-POOL/SIPA

Contact case of his wife tested positive for Covid-19, Prime Minister Jean Castex will be placed in solitary confinement for seven days, announced Matignon, this Wednesday at the end of the day.

With being detected a contact case, the Prime Minister went, this Wednesday morning to the Rungis market, as part of the regional elections to support the leader of the majority in the regional in Ile-de-France Laurent Saint- Martin and the Minister of Housing Emmanuelle Wargon in Val-de-Marne.

Jean Castex tested negative

“The Prime Minister, who had received his first injection of Astra Zeneca vaccine on March 19, tested negative this evening,” said the services of the Prime Minister who met many people on Wednesday on the occasion of the new lifting of restrictions .

“Nevertheless, as a contact case, he is placed in solitary confinement for seven days, in accordance with health rules,” the same source added.

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