Containment and a Netflix series boost sales of chess games

The series is both dark and disturbing, tinted with pastel colors and pretty photographs of the United States of the 60s. The lady’s game, one of the biggest hits of the moment on the Netflix platform, shows the journey of a young chess player, from her orphanage in the United States to games against the greatest Russian masters of the 1960s. Very successful, the series furiously makes you want to sit around a table to engage in a long game. Since the release of the series, some game sellers have doubled their sales of chess games, already well boosted this year by confinements and curfews.

«We have doubled our online sales of chess games since October 23, the Netflix series release date, compared to the same period last year, explains Franck Mathais, spokesperson for the Jouéclub group. It’s a category of games that experienced a phenomenal boom in the 90s with the rise of grandmasters like Garry Kasparov and the Deep blue supercomputer. In recent years, chess had become a much more confidential category.»

Boxwood games

Containment, obviously conducive to indoor games, also played in favor of the game. “I’ve had a lot of requests since the first confinement, confirms Brigitte Roz Bruchon, director of Roz Turnery, the last manufacturer of chess sets in France. Since the start of the year, I have sold 1,146 games, compared to 544 in 2019.“Of course Brigitte Roz Bruchon does not know what part of these sales is linked to the series or to confinement. But as soon as she finishes the Outlander series that she is following at the moment, the one who makes all her boxwood games in her workshop will “very quickly get into the Lady’s Game».

«The game of chess is a must and we sell a lot of it since the end of the first confinement, abounds Arthur Menez, the manager of the Rouge et Noir store, in the sixth arrondissement of Paris. When they got out of that lockdown, people realized that they didn’t have any more chess sets and everything, and we sold about twice as much as usual. It was exactly the same the few days before the second confinement, people anticipated and we had excellent days. ” If the period is complicated for sellers and manufacturers of toys, businesses deemed non-essential and which will not be able to reopen before December 1, they can however thank Netflix for this quite unexpected boost.

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