Containment season 2: what are we watching? # Day24

How to keep busy during the long evenings of confinement? Unmissable classics, nuggets or novelties, delivers a selection of series, films, books, comics and albums.

Futile series, award-winning classic, instructive documentary, family cartoon, indie album or hectic comic … everything is good to populate confined evenings. Here is our selection for # day22 of containment season 2.

● To watch: The Magnificent (Netflix)

Bébel landed on Netflix at the beginning of November, to the delight of nostalgics. New Wave or action film, all fans will find something for them. A Sunday evening in November is the perfect time to (re) see The magnificent, tasty parody of a spy film, with the sublime Jacqueline Bisset. Fourth collaboration of Jean-Paul Belmondo and Philippe de Broca after Cartridge, The Man from Rio and The Tribulations of a Chinese in China, The Magnificent is undoubtedly the summit.

● To listen: Juliette Armanet at the Gaîté Lyrique (Arte Concert)

The recording dates back to 2018, another era, and has just arrived on the site Arte Concert. Juliette Armanet, “the hidden daughter of Véronique Sanson and William Sheller”, sings there at the Gaîté Lyrique in Paris. Facing her piano or waving on the stage, dressed in a silver costume, the singer revisits her repertoire, from Lonely love at Saturday night in history, Passing by Single rider. A very beautiful moment to (re) live.

● To read: Between stone and pen, from IAM

This Sunday, IAM was to perform in Bordeaux. The concert is postponed, but why not delve into the book published by the Marseillais last October. An autobiographical work which speaks of rap, of course, but in which Akhenaton, Shurik’n, ​​Kheops, Imhotep and Kephren, the five members of the group, also evoke cinema, racism, Asia or Egypt, the subjects which are important to them, fascinate them and run through their work. “Throughout this career of more than thirty years, we have spoken but we have told each other little. It was time to put our vision of things flat, to describe our universe,” they explain.

Entre la pierre et la plume, IAM, with Baptiste Bouthier, Stock, 321 pages, 20 € 50

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