Containment: the government has allocated 33 billion euros to partial unemployment

It is considerable! Since confinement, the government has devoted 30 billion euros to partial unemployment. An additional budget of 3.2 billion has even just been released for the extension of the reconfinement in November and probably in December. That is a total of 33.2 billion euros. “Whatever the cost”, according to Emmanuel Macron’s mantra… for this device which acts as an anti-layoff shield.

The figures of the number of employees put into partial activity (another name of the device) follow more or less the pace of the evolution of the epidemic. During the first confinement they were 7.2 million in March, 8.8 million in April, 7.9 million in May and 4.5 million in June. At the start of the school year in September, their number fell a bit with 1.1 million employees in the system.

The figures for October are obviously on the rise (they will be known in a week). And for the month of November, the government is already counting on more than 3 million full-time equivalent, in other words perhaps double the number of employees concerned, especially in sectors forced to pause their activity.

Any employer subject to economic difficulties is eligible for this system for a maximum period of 12 renewable months, consecutive or not. He must make the request (motivated) to the services of the Directorate of Labor (the Direccte) which has 15 days to render its decision. After obtaining the authorization, the employer can temporarily close the business or reduce the working time of all or part of its employees.

The State and Unédic reimburse employers for 85% of the compensation paid to short-time workers, regardless of the size of the company. The employee placed in partial activity receives an amount equal to 70% of his gross remuneration per nonworking hour (i.e. 84% of the net approximately) within the limit of 4.5 smic and 100% of his gross salary if he is paid at the minimum wage. . He is entitled to his paid vacation. In so-called “protected” sectors, partial unemployment is fully covered by the State and Unédic and therefore costs nothing to employers in these sectors. These are sectors subject to administrative closure or which are heavily impacted by containment and the crisis …

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