Containment: what if you tested Chris Ruelle’s first digital sports club?

Christophe Ruelle, recognized sports coach, has just launched his sports club … online! No need to leave your home to benefit from a complete and quality sports education. Good news in this period of confinement.

Confinement obliges, the sports halls were forced to close their doors … for an indefinite period. In this context, we welcome the initiative of Christophe Ruelle, nicknamed “the star coach”, who has just launched his digital sports club. A good way to meet our need for relaxation!

Sport, community and virtual

Christophe Ruelle is also struggling with the confinement period imposed by the French government to slow the progression of the coronavirus. A measure, certainly, strict, but essential for the health of all. “Between my work, the interviews, working on the deployment of my site and the writing of my live shows, I admit being a little overwhelmed,” he tells us.

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By “live”, the coach refers to the sports lessons he gives live to the subscribers of his Facebook group: Chris Ruelle. An excellent idea: between Tuesday March 17, the date of the first virtual course, and Thursday March 19, the former decathlete went from 4,000 to 6,000 subscribers. As for the live sports lessons, they too have met with great success. “A peak of 300 participants was reached during one of the sessions,” he says. It must be said that between the expertise of Chris Ruelle and the practicality of the online club: the project has everything to please.

“In the current situation, this creates a very appreciable social bond, which fits perfectly with my ‘sporthealth‘ philosophy,” he continues. Because unlike a video posted on YouTube, live Facebook allows participants and the coach to interact directly together. What is more, the videos remain available in replay, for those who would have missed the session or would like to watch it again.

For the moment, two “fitness class” videos have therefore been filmed. Appointments are made on the dedicated group, at 6 p.m., at the rate of one session every two days. The objective being, if this pace is not too fast, to go to one video per day. At least for the duration of the confinement.

Of everything, and for all

These free online courses are for everyone. “I try to set up sessions that are neither too long nor too short, with a maximum of options so that all profiles and all levels can find their way. I thus give several instructions, when the exercises become too It’s a real 360-degree workout, “said Chris Ruelle. The current pace allows participants to enjoy a day of recovery between each live. Educational tutorials have also been set up at 10:30 am to address more theoretical questions on the practice of certain physical exercises.

On the exercise side, the programs are varied. “The sessions are not complicated. I shoot them at home, on about two square meters, he specifies. They start with muscle strengthening on the thighs and arms, and without accessories so that everyone can do the exercise Then we go to the floor, to do some abs. ” If space remains limited, the coach strives to constantly offer different sessions, working on a real substantive pedagogy. Goals ? Secure the practice as much as possible, and optimize the question of effort so that the intensity of the work carried out is appropriate.

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“Doing sports at home is ideal, because you can exercise without exposing yourself to the eyes of others. It helps break down barriers,” he said. Another good reason to get started.

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