Continent Size Comparison from WoW Vanilla to Shadowlands – World of Warcraft

Keyboardturn performed a comparison interesting in the size of the zones available at the launch of World of Warcraft and then of all the expansions of Blizzard’s MMORPG, from Burning Crusade to Shadowlands. The objective is on the one hand to compare the size of each one, then to imagine what could be that of the Dragon Islandsthe continent of Dragonflight.

Areas added during a patch, such as Zereth Mortis for example, have been excluded from the equation. No raid or instance is part of the calculation because that would have significantly complicated the situation. It should also be taken into account that such an analysis does not take into account the underwater content. An area like Vashj’ir is therefore virtually invisible on a minimap, as is overlaying content such as mountains or caves, whether underwater or not.

In the current state of things, taking into account the pixel size of the continents, the average (excluding Cataclysm) is 85.8 million pixels. It’s about the size of Northrend. According to Keyboardturn, it would seem that the Dragon Islands, the new continent of Dragonflight, would be located approximately in these waters based on this calculation.

The table is available on the image below, but I will copy it and translate it to you in French to make it easier to read. We realize that the areas of Shadowlands are gigantic compared to previous extensions, even if this is not necessarily a guarantee of more substantial content. Size isn’t everything it seems.

Zones Size in millions of pixels Extensions Size in millions of pixels
Kalimdor 162 Burning Crusade 85,5
eastern kingdoms 114 Wrath of the Lich King 88,6
Outland 54,5 Cataclysm 298
Quel’Thalas 18,8 Mists of Pandaria 63,7
Azuremyst Isle 12,1 Warlords of Draenor 97,2
Norfendre 88,6 Legion 68,2
Lost Islands 8,75 Battle for Azeroth 80,4
Kezan 6,23 Shadowlands 117
The Depths 6,99 Medium (excluding Cataclysm) 85,8
Pandarie 61,2 Medium (with Cataclysm 112
Wandering Island 2,5
Draenor 97,2
Broken Isles 68,2
Zandalar 43,2
Kul Tiras 37,1
Reaches of Exile 8,08
The Den 13,6
Maldraxxus 22
Bastion 28,4
Revendreth 17,1
Sylvarden 25,4
Oribos 2,35

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