Continuation of the epidemic of bronchiolitis in Metropolitan France, while the flu threatens Reunion –

Covid-19 is not the only disease affecting France. The bronchiolitis epidemic continues in all regions of the Metropolis. In Reunion, the flu is spreading.

Resumption of the bronchiolitis epidemic in Metropolitan France

In its weekly bulletin, Public Health France reported, Wednesday, November 24, a continuation of the epidemic of bronchiolitis on Metropolitan France. This disease causes coughing and difficult, rapid, wheezing and wheezing in infants. It is usually benign, but a visit to the emergency room or hospitalization is sometimes necessary.

The week of November 14, an increase in emergency room admissions and hospitalizations for children under the age of 2 was observed after a lull “linked to school holidays”. The health agency said that all regions are affected.

Situation in Overseas

This year, confinements and the application of barrier measures helped protect against viruses, including RSV (respiratory syncytial virus), responsible for the bronchiolitis and some flu. Young children, however, are less immune. Health authorities therefore fear a stronger bronchiolitis epidemic in Metropolis, especially as winter approaches.

The seasonal flu remains little present in Metropolitan France. In Overseas France, Public Health France has however noted a threat to The meeting. The island is currently in the pre-epidemic phase. As has already been the case for weeks, Mayotte remains stricken by the epidemic.

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