Continuity is a joke from Guaidó

José Brito, deputy to the National Assembly and candidate for re-election for Primero Venezuela, assured that it is a joke that the deputy for Popular Will, Juan Guaidó and his collaborators, who are not running for the December 6 elections, intend to continue exercising positions in Parliament after their installation on January 5, 2021.
He expressed that this is a proposal that “does not have support, it is very fragile.”

Regarding the consultation that Guaidó proposes along with the elections to find out if Venezuelans support the coercive measures and blocking policies promoted by the extreme right inside and outside the country, Brito indicated that it is “a booby-hunting trap.”

“I argue, and emphatically, that this query was born dead, and what is dead what can you expect? Nothing; inertia, that is nothing ”.

He estimates that Guaidó, together with his closest collaborators, is seeking “that his political boss, who is in Spain, lobby for the platform that sucks dollars and sucks euros, which is called internationally recognized opposition.”

“They do not care about the problems that Venezuelans suffer, as long as they are in another country and have that platform; a company sucks dollars and sucks euros, which will always be its true leitmotif “, which suffers” the loss of support from the international community, “he said.

Regarding Joe Biden and the US elections, Brito called on those who criticize the Venezuelan electoral system to see how controversial the US process is. He explained that he is respectful of the affairs of other countries, but he already greeted the virtual triumph of the democrat, “from whom we aspire can hear the 2 bells.”

“When there is détente, one says: I am going to listen to the 2 bells; the 2 versions. So far (in the White House) they have listened to one, ”he said.

“We can tell you how the resources of the international community have been pillaged and how the suffering of the people has been enhanced, and how those who are in the Government of Venezuela have been screwed, because the sanctions are much further away from a change expected by the Venezuelans, ”he indicated.

He urged Biden to “review the policy that Trump has followed up to now”, who dedicated himself to sanctioning and threatening those who did not comply with Guaidó’s mandate and was “very clumsy, very serious, from the threat, as Pablo Escobar did . Do you want morocota or do you want lead? Silver or lead? This was the policy that Trump idealized, “he pointed out and recalled how the deputies who did fold received” $ 10,000, and that they are eating like a parrot in cornfield, quietly, while those of us who refuse receive threats, some evenings and others that were consummated “, as in his case to whom the US Treasury imposed” nonsensical sanctions, because I have no foreign exchange, but they keep away the possibility of an understanding. “

The candidate said that Primero Venezuela is in 90% of the tables to defend their vote and that he considers the referee more reliable than in the previous election, in which he assures it was “5 to 0, even who claimed to represent the opposition was placed by Tibisay Lucena (former president of the CNE) ”even so the opposition obtained the majority.

End blockage and sanitize

His campaign is “a crusade of renewal and change to meet the deep Venezuela, which suffers and suffers” for the reinstitutionalization of the country and address “the problems of the people.” He assured that if he wins, the first task “is a global crusade to raise awareness of the pernicious, harmful and inhumane of the sanctions that have enhanced the suffering of the people, have given epic to the Government that today justifies social evils in sanctions”, which are “the moorings that prevent a consensual and negotiated solution” with the participation of factors, which would allow the economy and purchasing power of Venezuelans to be cleaned up when the State can once again sell oil without blockades and threats.

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