Continuous rise .. What awaits the price of gold at the end of the year?

Youm7 TV, in its special coverage prepared by Ahmed Hosni and presented by Jermain Shalaby, provided details of the rise in gold prices and expectations of its rise by the end of the year to $2000 at the global level, and the impact of this rise on the price of gold in Egypt, hosted by Dr. Wasfi Wassef, Head of the Gold Division.

And the latest prices witnessed an increase of 8 pounds in Egypt at the conclusion of this week’s trading, according to the closing price yesterday, Friday, as trading on gold stops on the global stock exchanges in the late evening of Friday, and the price recorded in the global markets becomes stable at its current levels until the reopening of trading again on Friday. Monday.

The price of an ounce of gold globally closed at a high of $ 1795 to levels of $ 1817 as the market closing price, and 21 karat gold rose from 784 pounds per gram to 792 pounds today, to continue the price at this point until Monday.

The market in Egypt may be affected and witness a limited movement in the price of gold at the value of one to two pounds, according to supply and demand factors, on Saturday and Sunday, but if the market witnessed stability in demand, the recorded prices of gold now will continue over the next 48 hours..

Gold price today in Egypt:

18 karat records 679 pounds per gram.

21 karat records 792 pounds per gram.

24 karat records 905 pounds per gram.

The gold pound is 6320 pounds.

Gold ounce 1818 dollars.

Gold is considered a hedge in the face of inflation and currency instability, and the US Federal Reserve’s cut in stimulus will address the possibility of the dollar’s rise, which reduces the attractiveness of gold, and we may witness future declines in gold..

Gold prices in Egypt are linked to the movement of the price of an ounce of gold globally, and the yellow metal is linked to a number of global stock exchanges, including inflation, unemployment, the movement of bonds and oil, and the performance reports of major economies..


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