Controversial insurance agent: The return of Mehmet Göker


Status: 02.03.2021 6:00 a.m.

Mehmet Göker was Germany’s most prominent and controversial insurance agent in the 2000s. Then he fled to Turkey. EdResearch shows: He is active again – with a modified sales pitch.

From Eva Schulze-Gabrechte,

“We earn a lot of money!”, Mehmet Göker shouts energetically to his supporters and wants to encourage them to perform at their best. So you know him from before. Göker is the most prominent and most controversial insurance agent in Germany. As the founder and head of the MEG company, he caused a sensation nationwide in the 2000s. But after a few years it crashed: bankruptcy, criminal proceedings, escape to Turkey. An international arrest warrant followed in 2012.

In the past few years it has been quiet about Göker. But after Ed-Research, the insurance agent is back on the German market. With a new business model that has clear parallels to the controversial MEG system.

The Cornelia B.

It’s about private health insurance again: Instead of new policies – like in MEG times – Göker is now selling the so-called “optimization” of existing tariffs by phone from Turkey. Together with other salespeople whom he trains specifically for this purpose. The “tariff optimization” is handled by a company in Frankfurt am Main, the “Finanz Check Rhein-Main GmbH”.

Cornelia B. from Munich had to experience what it means to get involved in Göker’s business. A few months ago, the 67-year-old was called by “Finanz Check Rhein-Main GmbH”. An employee promised her a “tariff optimization” that could save her a lot of money. Shortly afterwards she is called by a supposed employee of her health insurance company, Allianz. He recommends the offer from “Finanz Check Rhein-Main GmbH”. Ms. B. then transfers 7,000 euros to the company.

According to Ed-Research, the tariff change sold to Ms. B. was not feasible. “It was just a fantasy,” said Javier Garcia, tariff switching expert. The savings that Ms. B. were promised were “completely unrealistic”, and the bill of 7000 euros was a “rip-off”.

Investigations into suspected fraud

Allianz states that they neither called Ms. B. nor recommended changing the tariff. Apparently a common scam in Göker’s system. An insider reports that insured persons who do not accept the offer within a few days would be called by Göker’s employees. “Then they say: ‘Hello, we’re from the insurance company, please send the mandate back'”, said the young man who works for Göker himself. Neither the “Finanz Check Rhein-Main GmbH”, nor Göker himself wanted to comment on these allegations.

Ms. B. got her money back with the help of a lawyer. The Frankfurt am Main public prosecutor is currently investigating five suspects on suspicion of fraud with “Finanz Check Rhein-Main GmbH”. They are said to have promised to take out cheaper insurance through the company, under false pretenses, in order to receive the agreed commission.

Unauthorized advertising calls

Behind Göker’s new business is a distribution system that he calls the “Göker concept”. Göker campaigns aggressively for participants on Instagram and Facebook. “This concept is unbeatable! This is the chance of your life!”, He shouts in a recent promotional video. A look at the comment columns shows that Göker mainly reaches young men. You should learn from him how to sell “tariff optimizations” on the phone. No previous knowledge is required for this, advertises Göker.

Those who take part learn from Göker sales methods that are obviously abusive. For example, he encourages people to falsely pretend to be a doctorate on the phone, report former students. Göker himself incorrectly describes himself as a “lawyer” to insured persons – corresponding voice recordings are included Ed in front. “You have to cheat grandmas and grandpas,” said a former participant. “And you can’t sleep with that at night.”

According to his information, most of the people called had no interest in “tariff optimization” and felt harassed. The Federal Network Agency confirms that there are complaints against “Finanz Check Rhein-Main GmbH” due to unauthorized advertising calls.

Göker plans to return

Göker, on the other hand, promises his students big money: “With me you will never have financial worries again.” Former participants, however, draw a sobering conclusion. “I didn’t earn a cent,” said an informant who worked for Göker for five months. Other dropouts also report no or very little earning potential. Göker does not want to comment on this.

By decision of February 15, the Kassel Regional Court overturned the arrest warrant against Göker. The public prosecutor’s office has appealed. In one of his most recent Instagram videos, Göker announced that he would be coming back to Germany as soon as possible. He is combative: “I’m going to get what I’ve always rightfully been entitled to.”

You can see more on this topic on the YouTube channel STRG_F, from Tuesday, March 2nd, 5 p.m. and on Panorama – die reporter on NDR television, on Tuesday,
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