Controversial Wall Challenge Mistake: Accused Actresses Spend Unintended Time Without Cooking in ‘Masterchef’

2023-09-04 03:42:42

The 2 actresses made a mistake in the wall challenge and had to spend three minutes without cooking. Although they did not do it knowingly, they were accused.

In the chapter of this Sunday, September 3, one of the most famous and fun challenges of ‘Masterchef’ arrived: cook the same dish, in pairs, but divided by a wall.

Zulma Rey and Daniela Tapia did it together and were, according to the same participants, the ones who shouted the most in the challenge.

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Since they were separated by a wall, neither could show anything to the other. Communication should be verbal only. but they made a mistake that was labeled as “cheating” by the viewers of the program.

Zulma Rey approached the wall to listen to what her partner was saying and involuntarily moved a potato that was peeling downwards. Daniela realized this and told her duo that she was not doing well.

Zulma Rey’s action that was described as cheating in ‘Masterchef’. Photo: RCN channel.

Although the movement was unintentional, it affected the development of the game and Claudia Bahamón, who has had several criticisms in this edition of the program, asked them to stop cooking for three minutes.

Daniela Tapia and Zulma Rey protested the decision and assured that they had not done anything, since, indeed, the action had not been predetermined. Their excuses and protests were useless because they had to stop for three minutes obligatorily. “I swear on my grandmother that we don’t show each other anything,” said the Cuban.

In the interviews they do after the challenges, they kept saying that they did not cheat, while the rest of the participants criticized them, because they believed that it was a planned action.

It is very little punishment time. There must be exemplary sentences here. The rules are very clear and they are what make the challenge so much fun”, said Marta Bolaños.

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“It is the fourth fine that Daniela has received,” said Adrián Parada, while his partner Carolina Acevedo added: “Danielle what? You have to put away the cell phone“. However, Zulma had previously been penalized for cheating.

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Who won in ‘Masterchef’

At this point in the competition, celebrities are looking for their arrival to the next phase with several tests in which they are awarded with distinctions. Whoever adds 3 gets his quota.

Juan Pablo Barragán and Natalia were the winners of the wall test and the actor reached his second spoonapproaching the next phase, although he is branded as one of the least good in this phase of the ‘reality’.

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