Controversy Erupts: Urawa Red Diamonds vs. Wuhan Three Towns AFC Champions League Match Sparks Outrage and Insults

2023-09-22 06:25:00

2023/9/22 14:25 (updated at 9/22 16:22)

The AFC Champions League (AFC Champions League) held the Group J group match on the evening of the 20th. The Japanese professional football team Urawa Red Diamonds (red shirts) played against China’s Wuhan Three Towns (blue shirts). (Picture taken from

(Central News Agency reporter Wu Baiwei, Taipei, 22nd) The Japanese professional football team Urawa Red Diamonds went to Wuhan, China, to participate in the AFC Champions League on the 20th. Due to the controversy over the discharge of nuclear treatment water into the sea, Chinese fans burned Japanese flags outside the venue. During the game, they not only insulted Japanese players but also held up a banner saying “The Ocean Is Crying”.

According to Japanese media J-CAST News, the AFC Champions League (AFC Champions League) held a Group J match on the evening of the 20th. Japan’s Urawa Red Diamonds played against the three towns of Wuhan, China. The game took place at the Wuhan Sports Center Stadium.

The game ended in a 2-2 draw. However, during the game, fans from the three towns in Wuhan continued to insult Urawa Red Diamonds with the Japanese word “ばか” (baka, stupid). After the game, related videos circulated on social platforms, causing discussion.

The report mentioned that in addition to the video insulting Urawa Red Diamonds, in another circulated video, a male fan from Wuhan Three Towns held a Japanese flag in his left hand and a lighter in his right, and then set fire to the Japanese flag. Other fans watching sang along and cheered for the man.

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There was also a video shot before the start of the game. Fans from three towns in Wuhan unfurled banners in the auditorium that read “The ocean is crying” in Chinese and Japanese.

Although it is not certain why Chinese fans did this, public opinion generally believes that this is a reaction to Japan’s discharge of nuclear treatment water into the sea.

The report mentioned that because FIFA prohibits political speech in and around the stadium during the game, fans in the three towns of Wuhan may have violated relevant regulations. As of the evening of the 21st, neither the Japan Football Association nor Urawa Red Diamonds had responded to the incident.

A Chinese football fan living in Shanghai told CNA that the behavior of some Chinese fans burning the Japanese flag was indeed not good. After all, no one would want their country’s flag to be treated like this. However, he agreed with the fans holding high “The Ocean Is Crying” in the stadium. banner. “Japan ignored the opposition of other countries and discharged nuclear wastewater into the ocean, harming the ocean and human health. It is necessary for China to express dissatisfaction and condemnation from all aspects.”

Japanese fans have different views on this incident.

A Japanese football fan currently living in Tokyo laughed in an interview with Central News Agency and said that Urawa Red Diamonds fans are known for being “fierce” and “uncontrollable”, which also troubles many fans of other teams. There were also violent incidents on the stadium during recent games in Japan, resulting in many Urawa fans being classified as unwelcome and prohibited from entering.

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He said that as a “non-Urawa Red Diamonds fan”, I naturally feel happy when I see Urawa Red Diamonds being “choked” by their opponents. However, as a Japanese, I cannot accept the behavior of Chinese fans. The sea has already gone through strict measures at all levels, and there is scientific basis for it, but China continues to make a big fuss about this matter.” “Can Chinese fans accept others burning their national flag?”

He said: “I think you can criticize players’ performance on the field, and you should try your best to support your country’s team. However, it is too much to take the opportunity to include things that have nothing to do with football.”

The report of J-CAST News also mentioned that Wuhan Three Towns are scheduled to visit Saitama Prefecture, Japan on November 29 to play against Urawa Red Diamonds again. Urawa Red Diamonds fans have expressed on social platforms that they will be happy with this time. made some “retaliations” to the incident. (Editor: Cao Yufan) 1120922

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