Controversy Surrounding Gao Hongan and Mooncake Donations: The Industrial Policy Committee’s Involvement Revealed

2023-09-19 11:58:25
The “winning bidder” for Gao Hongan’s Mid-Autumn Festival gift box is actually a member of the Industrial Policy Committee. The city government responded. United News NetworkMooncakes are also delivered in packages!Councilors revealed the “friendship” between Gao Hongan and the winning bidder and asked the Political Affairs Office to investigate Yahoo newsGao Hongan’s Provident Fund Controversy: Lim Guan’s first remittance receipt was revealed! The Mid-Autumn Festival mooncake gift box of the Bamboo City Government provoked the parliamentarians to accuse Gao Hongan of having “friendship” with the winning bidder|Anchor Deng Wei|[LIVE Live]20230919|Sanli News Channel Sanli LIVE NewsIt was revealed that Gao Hongan donated mooncakes to the manufacturer, and a member of the Industrial Policy Committee called on the Political Affairs Office to investigate whether it was against the interests of avoidance. free timesGao Hongan has something to do with sending mooncakes!The councilman pointed out that he had “friendship with the manufacturer” and the city government: Stop the rumour-mongering behavior Yahoo newsGo to Google News for the full story
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