Cook easily with this Carrefour culinary robot

We all like to enjoy our favorite dishes, although not all of us have the same skills or time to cook, due to the arrival on the market of what are called kitchen robots It was a revolution in most homes. Although these they saved a lot of time and made these tasks easier, their price could reach limits that not all Spanish families could afford, although now thanks to Carrefour you can get one of these culinary devices with an excellent price quality.

Decades ago, Thermomix launched its first kitchen robots for sale, and due to their magnificent utility they were a real hit. sales success In our country. Although as time went by, new alternatives emerged on the market, with a similar quality, but with a much lower price, and among all of them, the Cuisy Chef Carrefour.

Carrefour makes your life easier with this culinary robot

The robot Cuisy Chef from Carrefour has become Thermomix’s main competitor for the throne of home cooking appliances, mainly because it can make up to 12 features that will allow you to prepare all kinds of dishes, even if you barely know how to cook. Furthermore, thanks to his elegant and functional designyou can place it in any corner of your home in a comfortable and simple way, thanks to its dimensions of 31.70 x 22 centimeters and a light weight 4.60 kilograms.

Cuisy Chef kitchen robot available at Carrefour

Although what makes this Cuisy Chef stand out are its exceptional technical characteristics, since it has a power of 1200 Wa wide 2 liter bucketa integrated scale with a maximum capacity of 5 kg or one intuitive display in which you can select the temperature, speed or time you need to prepare each recipe.

An alternative with great value for money

In addition, this Cuisy Chef includes various accessories that will help you simplify your culinary tasks, such as: a blade protector for mixing, a butterfly for emulsifying, a measuring cap for the stainless steel glass and a silicone spatula that will prevent you from damaging the inside of this food processor, 2 steam baskets and a steam tray. Although if you are not a master of the kitchen, with the purchase of this article you will have access to more than 150 recipes fully explained step by step and with the help of this culinary robot.

Start enjoying food with this Cuisy Chef food processora device that will be a revolution for you and your family, and with which you can do for a knockdown price thanks to this exclusive offer on the website of Carrefoursince the French supermarket has reduced it to 190,96 euros.

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