Cool parasailing trick lets you fly practically indefinitely

2023-05-20 16:18:45

It’s only been a few days since The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom finally the long-awaited one Breath of the Wild-Successor stood in front of the door. And in the second part, too, Link can relax with his sleek Parasegel soar through the Hyrule airs.

It can quickly happen that you with your remaining Endurance, which is necessary for sailing, protected. But don’t worry, with a little trick and the right equipment it’s possible, practical unlimited time above the clouds of the kingdom – instead of inadvertently trying to dive from dizzying heights. In the following, we will tell you how you are guaranteed to succeed.

Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom – The Stamina Running Out Issue

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is set in an awe-inspiring open world that begs to be explored with its massive mountain formations and vast travel distances. As in the previous Breath of the Wild, which couldn’t inspire us any less in the big test, Tears of the Kingdom also has some smaller challenges and survival elements ready. A significant component is links Endurance value but.

Whenever you overcome obstacles, climb cliffs, sprint across the open expanses, swim across a body of water or you hang on to your trusty parasail to make the air unsafe yourself and cover long distances, the game saps your stamina. The green, circular indicator always betray yourself how things are with them.

Should it ever come to an end while you’re climbing, swimming, or gliding through the sky, you’ll suddenly find yourself in serious trouble. Especially when parasailing, this is expressed in the fact that you crash like a crash pilot – which consequently results in your death. But with one of the newest devices Tears of the Kingdom has to offer, you are safe from the rude impact: the Sonau Glider Partvia which, if you use it skilfully, you will find new strength again in the air.

How to sail endlessly through the air with the Sonau Glider component

Thanks to Reddit user Temporary_Process_37, who shared his infinite parasailing technique with the community, we know about this cool trick that should save us quite a bit of time exploring Hyrule. The implementation seems quite simple at first: while you’re whizzing through the air with your parasail, all you have to do is spawn a Sonau glider under you, on which you then have to land accurately.

To do this, you close your parasail during the flight and jump onto the glider flying below you. Once this is accomplished, you can sit back for a short while and wait for your stamina bar to refill with energy. However, the method only seems so easy to implement at first glance, which is why we want to devote a little more detail to the individual steps.

[TOTK] if your paraglider doesn’t take you far enough, you can just do this
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First of all, and quite logically, you should have both Link’s Parasail and a couple of Sonau Gliders in your inventory. While trying to learn the trick, we recommend that you have some stamina to spare if you’re going to close your sail in flight and try to land on the glider. You cannot summon the latter while you are falling below you. However, once you’re sure of your coordination and timing, you can try with less and less persistence.

While gliding with the parasail, reduce your speed by letting the left analog stick stay in a neutral position. If you push it forward just a little bit and thus increase your speed, the Sonau Glider may not spawn directly under your feet. The same applies if you move the stick back. The contrails at the end of the sail, which should no longer be visible, serve as a rough guide. If so, press up on the directional pad and select the Sonau Glider.

If you get the speed and timing right, the one should open up just below you and fly low enough to land safely on top of it. Plus, you can spend as much time on that extra-helpful piece as you want, provided it’s gliding in the right direction. If not, you can simply walk off it and unfurl your own parasail.

Where you can find the useful Sonau gliders

You can easily find the Sonau components, including their gliders, from time to time in the course of the game, but they do not automatically go into your inventory just by finding them. Rather, you need a so-called capsule dispenser for this. You then equip this with a couple of Sonau energy orbs, which gives you a random assortment of capsules, which in turn have some Sonau components ready for you. The Sonau energy orbs beckon you when you destroy hostile constructs – so you can farm them relatively easily right from the start.

Unfortunately, the capsule dispenser in the starting area of ​​Tears of the Kingdom doesn’t provide you with the coveted gliders, but you don’t have to go to a sky island to get some either. The only thing you should have completed is the quest to get Link’s Parasail. Then you go far to the east and look for that Tower in the Zorana Highlands. Once there, it gets a little trickier.

Unfortunately, access to the tower is blocked by mud, so you cannot enter at first. A remedy creates slime jellywhich you throw on the mud, or one water fruit, with which you can clean the entrance. If you don’t have either of the two objects at hand, you’ll find plenty of small trees on which the moist fruit is growing. So enter the tower and let yourself be shot into the sky. While you are still in free fall, hold on to one of your own spinning ball Look out for which one you land on.

Once on the surface of the sphere, jump through a hole into its interior and look for a capsule dispenser. You should find this very close to the Jiru-tag’mats shrine, which you should ideally take part in directly to get a feel for the Sonau gliders. The donor, on the other hand, has a few Sonau gliders ready for you, which you can pile up in your inventory by throwing in your spheres.

Leave the big, floating ball again

Once you’ve done everything inside the oversized sphere, it’s time to leave it again. To do this, simply jump through the hole you came in through, or pull the lever in the middle of the room using the Ultra Hand and detach the Sonau Fan. You can also operate the crank manually to position the exit exactly – the ideal opportunity to try out your new parasailing trick in practice.

While this might initially sound like a cheap way to travel vast Hyrule, the technique does require a bit of skill. Once mastered, you can also save yourself from hopeless situations in which you have not paid close attention to your stamina display.

And while you make Hyrule’s skies unsafe with your parasail, other players transform it kingdom into its own skate park. But the community shows up shortly after the release of Nintendos, too celebrated by us in the big Tears of the Kingdom testBreath of the Wild successor, imaginative: next to tanks and giant wheels, we show you the most creative creations of the TotK players.

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