Cool! ‘Space Jam: A New Legacy’ finally reveals its first images


Finally there are images of it Space Jam: A New Legacy. The movie has been years in the making, and will be released somewhere this year. Today we have some first pictures!

Released by Entertainment Weekly. In the images we see the protagonist, among other things LeBron James who is getting ready to don a basketball. Furthermore, Bugs Bunny looks quite worried and we see Don Cheadle.

The first photos
Here you can see the first pictures Space Jam: A New Legacy see:

In Space Jam: A New Legacy the squad will not take on the Monstars. Those were the pretty bizarre villains from the first movie. Instead, the Tunes Squad will take on the Goon Squad, who have their own players full of super powers.

According to EW, Don Cheadle and LeBron James end up in something that the “Warner 3000 entertainment Server-verse” is called. So we see a whole series of cartoon-like things happening in a pretty bizarre pink world, which you can see in the first photo.

It seems that the promotional campaign for the new Space Jammovie now suddenly gets underway. That means that a trailer can be around the corner. The next All-Star NBA Game, which takes place on March 7, looks like a big contender. The film will be released in theaters in July.

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