Coppola promises “different” experiences in the trailer for his new version of ‘The Godfather 3’

The Godfather 3, the latest installment in the trilogy about the Corleone family, turns 30. Directed like the previous two by Francis Ford Coppola, the American director wanted to commemorate the anniversary with a new version of the film, which for most of the seventh art connoisseurs, was not up to the standards of its predecessors.

And it is that the filmmaker has been working on a project called The Godfather Epilogue: The Death of Michael Corleone, which is more similar to the version initially devised by both Coppola and his co-writer and creator of the novel, Mario Puzo. “A more appropriate conclusion for the first and second part of the trilogy”, now assures the director in a video that has accompanied the trailer of this new montage that “explores a different beginning and end” to the outcome that we already know about the fate of Michael Corleone, played by Al Pacino.

The cast of The Godfather, reunited at the Tribeca Film Festival 45 years after the premiere (Kevin Mazur / Kevin Mazur / Getty Images)

The film will hit theaters on December 4 (Spanish cinemas will also screen it, although the date has not yet been confirmed), and it will be available for the domestic market on Blu-ray and VOD on December 8.

“I have reissued it and given it a title that is not new, but was the original.” In English, that ‘epilogue’ comes to translate ‘coda’: “In musical terms, a coda is an epilogue, a recapitulation, and that was just what I wanted the film to be. You will see a film with a different beginning and end, many scenes rearranged and a film that, I think, has been given new life, ”he explains. The images and the soundtrack of this new version have been restored under the supervision of American Zoetrope and Paramount Pictures.

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