Coppola’s moving confession about Maradona’s funeral

The death of Diego Maradona He still impacts his fans and, above all, family and friends who knew him intimately and shared much more than sporting glory. That is the case of Guillermo Coppola, former representative, who a month after his departure made a moving revelation of what he felt on the day of the funeral.

“During the journey, I swear to you, I was giving him insult after insult. I said: ‘You failed me’“, The ex-agent surprised the journalist Catalina Dlugi in dialogue on AM 1110.

And he explained that feeling by recalling long and old talks with Diego, especially in Cuba, where they shared a lot of time alone and away from the hectic life to which they were used: “I told him: ‘The day you take me, remember to ask me to be happy, not to cry for me, if we always celebrate life, we live big, we have fun, we live good and bad, ups and downs. Don’t abandon me, take me to the end. ‘ And he would say to me: ‘Stay calm, man.’ And I took it. I took it! ”.

In the radio cycle Agarrçate Catalina, Coppola said that at one point he tried to leave the handle of Diego’s drawer that he carried out of respect for the family, but they were the ones who asked him to do it and that fills his soul: “Nobody better than you to carry that handle”, fIt was the unanimous response of Claudia Villafañe, Dalma, Gianinna and Jana.

In those talks between friends, Coppola always imagined that it would be the other way around because of the age difference but on November 26 he found himself carrying the handle of his friend’s drawer and it was hard for him to understand: “I’m 12 years older, it was my turn I lived it and I thank the whole family for letting me be there ”.

Knowing Diego and his life of excesses like few others, he lamented that addictive personality that damaged his health and brought him to the brink of death more than once: “He left that which did so much harm to him during the course of his life, the drugs, but then came alcohol. And when it wasn’t alcohol, it was pills and psychotropic drugs. He didn’t have a limit ”.

On the accusations that Maradona made against him, Coppola tried to explain those attitudes: “With Dalma and Gianinna he also did it. He said, ‘I’ve been robbed.’ And he also did it with Claudia Villafañe, and I think that I crossed a limit there. You know why? Because I think that there was no longer Diego ”.


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