Cordless hard floor cleaner FC7 from Kärcher in the test

DHe’s just coming in: The cleaners are currently not allowed into the house, the hard floor cleaner FC7 can, it cannot get infected. Now he has to show what he can do around the holidays on parquet and tiles. The advertising promises vacuuming and damp wiping in one operation and time savings of 50 percent compared to manual labor, even if only “up to”.

Lukas Weber

Editor in the “Technology and Engine” section.

The function is simple: four counter-rotating rollers arranged in two rows brush the floor, while fresh water mixed with detergent is finely distributed from one tank, while dirty water is conveyed into a second tank. The rollers remove coarse dirt on brushes.

The assembly is easy, a set of rollers for hard and one for sensitive floors, a parking and cleaning station as well as some liquid are included in the set for a price of at least 460 euros. The FC7 has two speeds and a boost button against sticky dirt, level 1 is sufficient in most cases and distributes less moisture on the floor. The first impression: the device is quiet, it almost looks limp. Anyone who tries to hold on to the reels, however, will be taught better. Around five kilograms and a working width of 30 centimeters make it not exactly handy, but the size ensures that you can do fast laps on the parquet. What remains is a very thin film of water that dries in a few minutes. We don’t know whether the working time will really be cut in half; in any case, compared to manual work, progress is much faster and much more convenient.

The price for this is that you can’t get into corners and under cupboards easily with the chunk, and careless people can scratch sensitive strips with the plastic edges of the rollers. The running time of 45 minutes specified by the manufacturer is around enough, then the 25.2 volt battery has to be connected to the mains for four hours. By then, around 100 to 130 square meters will have been cleaned, so we would prefer a system with a removable battery for large areas. The fresh water tank with a capacity of 0.2 liters, which is plugged into the engine, is a bit small; it needs to be refilled after around a quarter of an hour. In this respect, it harmonizes with the dirty water tank that is clipped into the bottom, which is best emptied and cleaned straight away.

The FC7 picks up dust and small particles, but sharp-edged dirt can get stuck in the rollers and scratch the parquet. The hard floor cleaner reaches its limits when tufts of hair from the house dog clog the rollers. Then the self-cleaning mode in the parking tub doesn’t help either, brushes and rollers have to be removed. Afterwards, removing the dirt from the former by hand is not for sensitive people, the rollers can be put in the washing machine. We therefore recommend vacuuming quickly before using the Kärcher.


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