Córdoba announced the start of classes for March 1 – Radioinforme 3

“It is the high expectation that we have. It would be from March 1 with a return from February 17 in different instances, “he told Chain 3 Delia Provinciali, secretary of provincial Education.

The official stressed that the return will be made according to the “traffic light” established by the health authority

The 2020 cycle will end on December 16 for initial and primary level; and 11 for the secondary level.

The management and teaching team will be reinstated on February 17, the day on which they will carry out training on the Covid-19 protocol.

On the 18th, a planning workshop for the institutional pedagogical organization is scheduled.

Elementary 6th grade students who are in the “learning intensification period” will begin their enrollment on February 19 through March 26, with their enrollment assured at the corresponding secondary school. And they will begin the 1st year of secondary level on March 29.

For their part, students in the 6th year of oriented secondary school or 7th year of the technical modality, who did not complete their apprenticeships in December 2020, will be able to complete their school career from February 19 to March 31.

In turn, between February 22 and 26, the previous and equivalent free exams will take place. For the rest, the start of classes at the different levels and modalities of Compulsory General Education will be on March 1.

The winter school break will be between July 12 and 26.

Most important dates for the 2021 cycle

Common regime

March 1: start of classes for the different levels and modalities of Compulsory General Education

July 12 to 26: winter school break.

December 17: end of the school year for the Initial and Primary levels.

December 10: completion of classes for secondary level.

December 13 to 23: colloquia and previous and equivalent exams.

Upper level

February 17th: reinstatement of the management and teaching team. Covid-19 Protocol Training.

18th of February: planning workshop of the institutional pedagogical organization.

February 19th: 1st year entry, beginning of the Occupation of Teaching and Being Technical seminars (as applicable).

5th of April: Start of classes.

July 12 to 26: winter school break.

November 30: End of classes.

December 1 to 23: examinations and institutional self-evaluation.

Special regime

August 23rd: start of classes.

December 23 to January 3, 2022: School break.

June 30, 2022: end of the school year.

Report of Juan Pablo Viola.


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