Córdoba reaches one million vaccinated against the coronavirus

This Sunday the province will exceed one million doses applied (José Gabriel Hernández).

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This Sunday the province will exceed one million doses applied (José Gabriel Hernández).

This saturday 34,327 vaccines were administered against COVID-19, with which the province was just over a thousand for reach one million people vaccinated against the outbreak, at least with the first dose.

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Till the date 998,983 vaccines were applied. 764,469 people have already received the first dose while 234,514 completed the scheme immunization with the second.

In the intensification of the health campaign, the population is reminded that they will only be vaccinated las people who receive and accredit the shift previously. Among the applications of this Saturday, 28,564 correspond to the first component and 5,763 to the second.

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Regarding the geographical distribution, of the provincial total 327,568 doses were placed in the Capital department and 436,901 in the 25 interior departments. Regarding the vaccines received, up to now 87.13% of the total of the first doses and 84.38% of the total of the second ones have been applied.

Of the global total, 10% are people belonging to the health teams; 7% are people who reside in nursing homes, neuropsychiatric, rehabilitation centers, disability centers, hemodialysis patients, transplanted people, people with home hospitalization and electrodependents.

Regarding nursing homes, 100% of the establishments have been immunized. While a 12% corresponds to educators over 60 years of age of all educational levels, teachers of initial level, higher level, teachers of the first and second cycle of the primary level, secondary level and Special Education, as well as priority strategic personnel.

Positive cases, on a high plateau.

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Positive cases, on a high plateau.

While 35% correspond to people over 70 years old, who are not included in the groups described above. 27% to people over 60 years old, 8% to people over 50 years old with comorbidities and 1% to people over 45 years old with comorbidities.

Sunday, with campaign

In the capital of Córdoba the vaccination campaign will continue this Sunday in authorized centers: Convention Center, University Dining Room, Argentine Pavilion, El Illia, Orfeo, Sheraton and Autovac del Kempes space, from 8 to 20.

Meanwhile, people with mobility difficulties will be vaccinated with the Autovac scheme in the University Dining Hall, from 8 to 18. In the interior of the province, vaccination will continue with its usual schedule.

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