Corinne Deacon recalls her captain Amandine Henry

Published on : 19/11/2020 – 13:24

The coach of the France team Corinne Deacon recalled, Thursday, November 19, her captain Amandine Henry for the November matches, four days after the strong criticisms made publicly by the midfielder of Lyon against her.

« If it takes questions, I’m ready », « my commitment is total ” more ” the problems, we will solve them eye to eye “Said Corinne Deacon this Thursday, after having called the 31-year-old international for the last two qualifying matches for Euro 2022 against Austria, November 27 in Guingamp, and Kazakhstan, December 1 in Vannes.

« I am supported by my president and players too »

« I stay standing, I am supported by my president and players too “, Also assured the coach. Last Sunday on Canal +, Amandine Henry echoed the ” heavy and negative feedback From the tricolor locker room, taking care not to limit the subject to a conflict between Deacon and the OL. « This is the feeling of the majority of the team. Some girls don’t dare to speak, there is fear but if I don’t speak, who will speak? », She had declared.

« I can assure you that the atmosphere in the France team is very good. I can understand that there is sometimes reluctance but if you come to cry in the France team, it is not worth coming. It is not because one or two showed fears and a feeling of sadness, I can assure you that this is not the case for the majority. », Now tells Corinne Deacon.

« I want to reassure everyone, I have never been so motivated in the context of my duties to seek the only objective that occupies my mind today, namely to qualify the team for the Euro. French football needs this reassurance more than ever, the supporters are waiting for it. This is the reason why we need during this capital gathering a good general attitude, serenity, ambition and to think only of our collective success. », Said the coach opening the press conference.

The usual frames are there

Beyond Henry, the coach called in November the usual executives of Lyon Wendie Renard, Amel Majri, Eugénie Le Sommer and Delphine Cascarino.

However, she did not summon Lyon goalkeeper Sarah Bouhaddi who, after stepping back and criticizing Deacon, opened the door to a return on Wednesday. ” I discovered this this morning with a little surprise. I have just selected 23 players including three goalkeepers, I will try to work well with them to perform well against Austria. Then the time will come to discuss this subject », Declared Corinne Deacon.

The Parisians Grace Geyoro, Marie-Antoinette Katoto and Kadidiatou Diani, who opposed OL in the league on Friday, are also present. Valérie Gauvin, the center-forward for the Bleues during the 2019 World Cup, is forfeited due to injury. Young Lyon striker Melvine Malard is not in the last list of the year either.

List of players selected for the November qualifying matches for Euro-2022:

Goalkeepers: Solène Durand (Guigamp), Romane Munich (Soyaux), Pauline Peyraud-Magnin (Atletico Madrid)

Defenders: Estelle Cascarino (Bordeaux), Elisa de Almeida (Montpellier), Sakina Karchaoui (Lyon), Perle Morroni (Paris SG), Eve Perisset (Bordeaux), Wendie Renard (Lyon), Marion Torrent (Montpellier), Aissatou Tounkara (Atletico Madrid)

Midfielders: Charlotte Bilbault (Bordeaux), Maéva Clemaron (Everton / ENG), Kenza Dali (West Ham / ENG), Grace Geyoro (Paris SG), Amandine Henry (Lyon), Amel Majri (Lyon)

Forwards: Viviane Asseyi (Bayern Munich / GER), Delphine Cascarino (Lyon), Kadidiatou Diani (Paris SG), Marie-Antoinette Katoto (Paris SG), Emelyne Laurent (Atletico Madrid), Eugénie Le Sommer (Lyon)


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