Corona aid: Ministry of Economic Affairs wants to radically simplify and increase aid

At the beginning of the week Timm Homann broke the collar again. “To the smug cynic Scholz,” wrote the head of the textile chain Ernsting’s family in the contact network LinkedIn. Does he want to »support us forcibly closed dealers« or »just sell this cleverly in the media«? Scholz mocked the company. If politicians want to provide eleven billion euros, “then this amount should arrive.”

The manager agreed with the company’s owner family to keep quiet in public, despite all the problems. But at some point the anger was bigger.

First they trusted in fair offers of help, says Homann, who is also vice president of the HDE trade association, about his frontal attack on the Federal Minister of Finance. But the mood turns dramatically. “Scholz doesn’t want to help at all.” In fact, as little as possible of his bazooka should reach the company. He suspects: The Federal Minister of Finance has miscalculated the ill-considered help for the restaurateurs. “We now need political decisions by which one can stand up again and act as a company again.”

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