Corona and equality: we are not experiencing a step backwards

FEminists are right with many positions. There are too few female bosses in companies, authorities and universities. Caring work in society is carried out to a greater extent by women. The “Equal Care Day” initiative calculates that unpaid housekeeping, education and care for women add up to twelve billion hours every day. It is committed to ensuring that companies include this care work in their planning.

Philipp Krohn

Business editor, responsible for “People and Business”.

Too few men grow into this role, for example by taking the rather generously cushioned parental leave over several months. Not only Germany is far from ideas of a world of equality between men and women in family work. Before the Corona crisis, this was clear from many studies and analyzes from science and politics.

Now Germany is experiencing perhaps the most challenging phase in post-war history through the pandemic. Economically, politically and socially, the weeks-long exit restrictions and school closings are an unprecedented burden.

An angry sound has come into the debate

Unemployment is rising, companies are battling impending bankruptcies, administrations have had to face difficult decisions to take, and families have had to replace school at home – while at the same time continuing to do their jobs, unless the state has given them more time to work solidly through short-time work had financial cushion.


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