Corona and the US election campaign: Trump on withdrawal

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The corona crisis slowed down the election campaign for the US presidency. Trump, who enjoys appearances in front of crowds, is already said to have withdrawal symptoms. This is probably why he is vehemently pushing for a return to normal.

By Julia Kastein, ARD Studio Washington

“USA, USA,” shout 10,000 people in the arena in Charlotte, North Carolina. A minute-long ovation for US President Donald Trump, during his last election campaign rally before the corona pandemic, on March 2. The President was recently on the road again, in a logistics center for medical goods in Pennsylvania. Trump’s usual campaign anthem also sounded here. But with only around three dozen workers spread around the room, the applause sounded much more subdued.

Trump still enjoyed the performance. Praise the employees for keeping their distance. And told how great the drive from the airport was. When a crowd of Trump signs and hats lined the streets.

Press conferences instead of appearances

The US president needs an audience. And had to cope with the abrupt withdrawal due to the corona restrictions. In the meantime, the warehouse was so strong that Trump’s sense of time got completely confused. On April 20, the president complained that he hadn’t left the White House in months – it was only six weeks ago.

If it is not possible to bath in the crowd, ratings must be sufficient. At the height of the pandemic, the president bragged on Twitter that more people would follow his daily press conferences than American football games or the finale of the dating reality show “The Bachelor”. As the quotas dropped, Trump’s enthusiasm for the format abated suddenly – especially since he claims that he considers journalist questions to be completely superfluous and the media to be hostile.

Current dates officially not an election campaign

Trump now misses no opportunity to speak directly in front of an audience, particularly in factories that manufacture masks, tests, or ventilators. Officially, these dates are not an election campaign and are funded by the US taxpayer. But it is certainly no coincidence that they have led Trump to the countries he needs for his re-election so far.

His designated challenger Joe Biden, on the other hand, is usually still sitting in the home studio in the basement of his home in Delaware. The former vice president recently defended himself in a radio interview that he adhered to the rules. And claimed: It would not harm him, even with virtual appearances he reached millions of people. And he would be clearly ahead in nationwide surveys.

Trump puts pressure on North Carolina

Yesterday, on Memorial Day, the holiday for those who died in the war, Biden dared to go out again, visited a war memorial in his hometown Wilmington with his wife and mask, of course. The President – without a mask – made a speech to soldiers in a historic fort in Baltimore. Even though Baltimore’s Democratic Mayor had asked him not to visit. The port city is still in the lockdown.

By the end of August at the latest, Trump wants to appear again in front of a full house, as he did before Corona, at the Republican nomination party convention in North Carolina. Because the state’s democratic governor has not yet promised him that, Trump is now even threatening to hold the party convention elsewhere if necessary.



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