Corona B117 Found in Karawang, Riza Asks DKI Residents to Be Alert


Virus Crown B117 called found in Karawang, West Java. Deputy Governor of DKI Jakarta Ahmad Riza Patria asked residents living in the capital to be vigilant.

“In fact, we have to act wisely by continuing to implement strict 3M, 4M, 5M health protocols and other health protocols. We ask all Jakarta citizens to be calm and continue to be vigilant about implementing health protocols,” said Riza at the DKI Jakarta City Hall, Jalan Medan Merdeka. South, Central Jakarta, Wednesday (3/3/2021).

Riza said residents must be careful with this Corona virus variant. He said this virus could have entered Indonesia through the arrival of people from abroad.

“Of course we do have to be careful with this new virus variant from England, especially when the first door arrives by plane, the second door is via ship,” said Riza.

This Gerindra politician believes the central government has prepared a strategy to prevent the entry of the Corona B117 virus at airports and ports. He said prevention at airports or ports was the authority of the central government.

“Both are the authority and authority of the central government. Of course we trust the central government, whether Pelindo, whether Angkasa Pura, has provided mechanisms, rules and SOPs, and prevention strategies at the entrance to the possible presence of the new virus,” he explained.

Head of the DKI Jakarta Health Service, Widyastuti, said that the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government is always alert to the presence of this virus. He said the DKI Provincial Government would further coordinate regarding the handling of the B117 corona virus.

“We remain vigilant, continue to coordinate with the center,” said Widyastuti.

“To anticipate, of course there are steps from the central team that have (existing) scenarios. Still, health protocols must be maintained by strengthening 3M (washing hands, wearing masks, maintaining distance),” he continued.

As is known, the Corona B117 virus was found in Karawang Regency. The West Java Provincial Government revealed that the new British variant of the virus infected two Karawang residents.

“The new variant of the Corona virus is reported to have already existed in Indonesia, entered in Karawang. We have carried out the tracking and asked if the Unpad team (Padjadjaran University) may research this UK B117,” said Ridwan Kamil at RSP Unpad, Bandung City, Wednesday (3 / 3).

Kang Emil – Ridwan’s nickname – did not explain the ages of the two Karawang residents who were infected with the Corona B117 virus. However, what is certain, he said, is that the two people are still undergoing isolation in their respective homes.

“Still in isolation. In their respective homes,” said Emil.

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