Corona, children in lockdown – “Weight gain and many other consequences”

Bmovement moves. Not just the body. On the one hand, it changes a lot on the physical side, but also has important effects on the social and psychological level. Even and especially with children. Marcus Weber is someone who is familiar with this wide range of issues.

The 44-year-old social worker leads the move & do project together with Laura Hübsch, sports scientist and trainer. A conversation about the strength and power of movement for children and young people and the consequences of lockdowns.

World: Have children and young people and especially the aspect of exercise been neglected when weighing up all the risks?

Weber: Yes, of course the movement is neglected. I don’t like to judge whether that’s right or wrong in view of the pandemic, but the movement fell short. And now again. Fortunately, we can continue to work, but I see it as dramatic – for children and adults – that the sports clubs are being closed again. We already have a physical deficit. And the aspect of socialization is still underestimated.


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