Corona counter strikes in this area.. and calls for tougher measures

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Nabih Berri Governmental University Hospital in Nabatiyeh, Director General, Dr. Hassan Wazni, explained, during a media interview, that “Coronavirus infections have witnessed a remarkable rise in the region in the recent period, after a period of relief for the medical and nursing staff in the Corona department in the hospital.” As the percentage of injuries decreased to a noticeable level during the second half of this year.”

He said: “From here, we have to re-enforce the health and preventive measures that were previously followed, as the two alternate months will be decisive in this context, and we, as a hospital, have decided to raise our capacity in the vaccination process against the Corona virus, so that we will be ready to receive 800 vaccines per day, and we have started since There was also a period of giving the third dose of the vaccine to the elderly and the medical and nursing body, and there was a response from the targets,” stressing that “the corona department in the hospital will remain open and effective with its nursing team, especially since HIV infections have returned to rise, and medical data indicate that the virus is endemic among us, and it is in need of A permanent treatment, like many seasonal viruses.

And he announced that “Nabih Berri Governmental Hospital is at the service of the people of the region, and will remain and will continue to be permanently prepared and with a higher vitality with all its capabilities,” noting that “the recent move by the staff and nurses because of their demands regarding an increase in salaries is a move for just demands, and it is among the suffering that the whole country is experiencing as a result of the crisis.” stifling economics.”

He said: “We, as a hospital, pay the dues we owe to the medical and nursing team, apart from the full coverage of social security, but there are demands that these have with the state, and their recent move has understood that its goal is to close the hospital, and this is not true at all because the hospital doors are open in all circumstances. And all departments receive patients on a daily basis,” noting that “the hospital has proven its capabilities in providing medical services since its inception 25 years ago. Which was the largest department in Lebanon’s hospitals, with the number of its superior rooms, and the other capabilities that were available to deal with patients.”

He warned of “the successive crises experienced by the hospital sector in Lebanon as a result of the daily rise in the dollar exchange rate, which negatively affects the ability of hospitals to secure many medical supplies, in addition to the high bill that we pay as a result of maintenance work sometimes for some medical equipment, radiology and laboratory equipment, especially that there are Equipment is close to the need to carry out maintenance work, and there are devices for treating cancer patients whose price may reach one million dollars if we decide to buy them. It is very difficult, if it is also necessary to buy new equipment and devices to keep pace with scientific developments in the medical framework.

He concluded, noting that “hospitals’ budgets are hardly sufficient to cover the hospitalization differences and pay salaries, and we are trying, despite this painful reality, to relieve patients as much as possible, especially since the guarantors have become in an unenviable position. The differences are very different between the bill of the guarantors and the reality, but we As Nabih Berri Governmental Hospital, our goal first and foremost is to reduce the burden placed on the patient’s shoulders.”


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