Corona crisis broke Ryanair loss in the summer

Dhe slump in air traffic due to the corona pandemic also pushed Europe’s largest low-cost airline Ryanair into the red in the summer. Because ticket demand recovered only slowly after the factual flight stop in the spring, the bottom line was a loss of around 226 million euros in the second quarter of business until the end of September, as the company announced on Monday in Dublin. A year earlier, Ryanair had made a profit of 910 million euros in the most important travel time of the year.

In the first half of the financial year, the loss thus totaled just under 411 million euros. CEO Michael O’Leary expects the minus in the winter half year to be even higher by the end of March. However, due to the uncertainty surrounding the further course of the pandemic, an exact forecast is not possible.

For the entire financial year, Ryanair is expecting around 38 million passengers. If the governments in the European Union issue further uncoordinated travel restrictions, the number could be even lower, warned Ryanair.


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