Corona: Curevac is entering the race for vaccine with “great advantage” – competition has problems

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When developing a corona vaccine, cooling requirements have been one of the biggest challenges so far. The Tübingen biotech company CureVac has now given the all-clear.

  • Researchers around the world are looking for one Corona-Vaccine.
  • But the Cooling requirements a possible vaccine were considered a high hurdle.
  • Well, the biotech company could CureVac have achieved an important achievement.

Munich – In the race to develop one Corona vaccine could be the Tübingen biotech company CureVac enter the race with a big plus. The own Covid-19* Vaccine candidate will remain stable for at least three months even at plus five degrees Celsius, said CureVac on Thursday afternoon after the evaluation of internal test results. This would allow the vaccine to be transported and stored at refrigerator temperature. “We see a great advantage in the comparatively low cooling requirements,” a company spokesman told on Thursday *

With others Vaccine candidates the cooling requirements are much higher. For example, the active ingredient of Modern be stored at minus 20 degrees. The vaccine candidate from the Mainz biotech company Biontech reports even require arctic temperatures of minus 70 degrees for transport and logistics to ensure its effectiveness.

Corona: Transport of the vaccine is considered a “logistical nightmare”

The extremely low temperatures are considered to be one of the greatest logistical challenges when using the Vaccines. “This is a logistical nightmare,” they say from the industry. This is what the logistics giant says Deutsche Post DHL, they have extensive experience in shipping vaccines or drugs that require constant cooling in the range of minus 70 degrees. However, are likely to be delivered by Corona vaccines “There are completely different delivery sizes than before,” said a company spokeswoman on Thursday. Therefore, one is checking at the corresponding locations which adjustments are necessary in order to be able to meet the foreseeable delivery requirements.

Corona: Strong demand for ultra-freezers

Preparations for the new ones are also underway in hospitals or doctors’ offices Corona vaccines in full swing. According to reports, the prospect of a vaccine has increased demand for the Arctic refrigerators in the USA already fueled. However, the high prices represent a major hurdle for many US hospitals. Ultra-freezers cost between $ 10,000 and $ 15,000 each, depending on the equipment. “Most hospitals in rural regions cannot afford the high-tech refrigerators,” reported the US industry portal Statnews.

Here could CureVac with its active ingredient and its ability to be stored at refrigerator temperatures, may have a competitive advantage. According to the current plans, the Tübingen-based company want their active ingredient in one in the current fourth quarter large-scale test of phase IIb / III* check. The vaccine is to be tested on around 30,000 subjects in Europe and Latin America. In the first quarter of 2021, the company will then submit an application for rolling approval to the European approval authority EMA put. The market launch should take place in mid-2021.

The first interim results are “very promising” CureVac after evaluating the data from a total of 250 test subjects at the beginning of November.

The active ingredients of CureVac and Biontech are based on the mRNA method. Components of the coronavirus genetic material are injected into the body in a fat solution. In the cells, they should then stimulate the body’s own immune system. * is part of the nationwide Ippen Digtal editorial network.

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