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Corona patients housed in shared rooms

Although two patients had corona symptoms, they were accommodated in multi-bed rooms in the Vilshofen hospital (Bavaria). Only after tests showed an infection were both patients isolated, a statement from the hospital said on Sunday. Nobody has been infected so far.

Despite the suspicious symptoms, the patients were not placed in the suspected corona ward last week. Tests were also not carried out promptly.

How the incident came about is still being investigated. “Our hygiene concept, which was very efficient to date, was apparently not implemented by individual employees in these cases,” said those responsible at the hospital. I regret the incident. Josef Mader, the managing director of the district of Passau health facilities, further announced that the hospital had taken immediate measures. According to the information, the hospital staff was immediately tested, so far no one has been infected. The health department should identify other contact persons and clarify whether there were any infections.


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