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5.10 p.m.

Against conspiracy myths: Lambrecht wants democracy promotion law

In view of the conspiracy myths in the corona pandemic, Federal Justice Minister Christine Lambrecht (SPD) is pushing for a law to promote democracy. Permanent funding of democracy initiatives is the “strongest weapon” against extremists in the long term, she said in the Bundestag on Thursday. During the current hour, cross-party members of parliament swore to defend the liberal-democratic basic order and backed the police.

In the Düsseldorf “Rheinische Post”, Lambrecht explained why a law promoting democracy was necessary. “A big problem is that many social projects to strengthen democracy only have a limited financial basis.” The organizations cannot plan for the longer term and it is difficult to keep competent employees in the long term. In the case of conspiracy myths, “a lot more clarification is needed for critical handling of information on the Internet”. Even in school, the children’s ability to criticize must be strengthened so that they do not fall for “dull slogans and idiotic myths”. Because people who seriously claimed that Germany was actually ruled by lizard beings are no longer accessible to factual arguments.


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