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04.13 a.m.

Manchester: Live snake NO face mask

A snake wrapped around its neck and head is not a proper mouth and nose protection against the coronavirus. North West England’s public transport services came to this clarification after a man was seen on a bus with a live snake around his neck and mouth. Passengers on the bus on the way to Manchester only thought on Monday that the man was wearing a particularly colorful mouth and nose protection, reported the “Manchester Evening News“.

“At first I thought he was really wearing a crazy mask, then he let it crawl around the handles,” reported an eyewitness. Another reacted in a similarly relaxed manner: “It really didn’t bother anyone on the bus, but a man in the back shot a video. It was definitely entertaining. “

Photos of the man in a white T-shirt and jeans showed him with a snake around his mouth and neck that looked like a python strangler. He did not wear a respirator as required. A spokesman for the local transport companies for the Greater Manchester area recalled that masks, scarves or scarves are accepted as masks. There is some leeway for interpretation: “But we don’t think that this includes the use of snake skin, especially if it is still on the line.”


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