Corona: Developers present a test version of a warning app

Watch the video: Telekom and SAP present a trial version of a Corona app.

Telekom and SAP presented a test version of the Corona app they developed on Friday, which should make it easier to track contacts. If the app is activated, the smartphone sends a signal via Bluetooth and registers which devices are nearby. All relevant data is stored on the users’ devices. Data protection is also respected otherwise, explains Martin Fassunge, the project manager. O-TON MARTIN FASSUNGE, PROJECT MANAGER OF THE CORONA APP AT SAP: “The app solves the problem ‘How can I track contacts?’ Good example: You are traveling from Walldorf to Mannheim on the S-Bahn today, and three days later you are tested positive for Covid, the question now is: Who were you with? There are a lot of people who don’t even know them personally. The advantage of this app is that each of us usually has an iPhone with them. And you can use the iPhone, the devices, so to speak, then the contacts you make in the Met the subway, also wearing the app, warn – and completely anonymously. ” The programmers have published the source code of the app on the Internet. This allows other developers to check how the app works, what data it collects and where something is stored. The app will then be made available to the public in mid-June. So far, the employees of the health authorities have followed up very laboriously and time-consuming. If the app becomes widespread, the existing contact restrictions could possibly be relaxed more quickly.

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