Corona federal media conference – The army should be responsible for distributing the vaccinations

“We cannot count on the hospitals constantly increasing the acute beds,” said Virginie Masserey, Head of Infection Control Section at the FOPH, on Tuesday in front of the Bundeshaus media. In order to take pressure off the hospitals, continued consistent compliance with the corona measures is essential.

Incidentally, Masserey spoke of “still high numbers”, which are cause for concern, even if there is a tendency towards a slight relaxation.

Overall, Masserey sees “indications of a certain effect”, which the protective measures recently adopted by the Federal Council would slowly show. “Things are going in the right direction.” The positivity rate is also stabilizing. At just under 1, the number of reproductions is still too high.

The increasing death toll is a particular concern. She justified the high mortality rate with the severity of the disease and the delay in severe cases compared to the number of infections.

No mass rapid tests for the time being

Regarding the criticism that doctors had expressed via the media about the reliability and use of rapid tests, Masserey said it was too early to draw conclusions. You have no knowledge of such problems. The BAG is working on clear guidelines as to which tests should be carried out, how and on whom. Schools are also an issue in this context.

Rapid mass tests, as Austria announced, are not an issue in Switzerland at the moment. The tests are not very informative for asymptomatic people. “But we’re looking to Austria,” said Masserey. The method basically has potential.

No compulsory vaccination for everyone

Regarding the upcoming vaccination campaigns, she said that there would certainly be no compulsory vaccination for everyone. The main goal will be to get the serious infections under control. The logistical planning for the storage and distribution of the future vaccines has started.

The army plays a central role in this. Cooling units have been procured and are being validated. Talks are ongoing with the cantons about how the vaccines should be distributed.

According to Masserey, depending on the effectiveness and duration of protection, a vaccination rate of 60 to 90 percent is needed to contain the coronavirus.

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