Corona: For tobogganing to Canada – not to the nearby sledge meadow

Dhe poking around in the fog has begun in the federal states. When asked whether air travel would also be banned in the future, Berlin’s Finance Senator estimated that in the case of the 15-kilometer rule there would be a “travel ban” – he could in any case imagine “no air travel” that would involve four kilometers from Berlin drive to the airport “and then fly eleven kilometers”.

In Bavaria, on the other hand, you can already imagine traveling. At least to distant countries. In the Free State, the 15-kilometer rule has been interpreted very differently. “Multi-day trips abroad” are not affected. Travel to the surrounding area, however, does. In Baden-Württemberg, on the other hand, there are no travel restrictions whatsoever in connection with the 15-kilometer rule: There it does not apply at all.

Three states, three extremes – just one example that makes it clear how big the mess is one week after the announcement of the new federal and state resolutions. But it is by far not just about who is allowed to travel how far in the next few weeks.


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