Corona fuels the dream of buying your own island

Long-distance travel Far from the problems

Corona fuels the dream of your own island

Sitting out the corona pandemic in a beautiful, secluded place somewhere in the world sounds tempting. In fact, more and more people are buying an island. They do not always keep an eye on the associated risks.

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Beach feeling – man buys an island in the Ruhr area

Vacation in corona times falls flat for many. An entrepreneur from Witten in North Rhine-Westphalia was fed up with that and bought an entire island without further ado – in the middle of the Ruhr area.

So an island of the blessed is a fine thing. Waves all around to the horizon, more distance is not possible, and above all: no virus in sight. The loved ones gathered around you safely and in full, the provisions last for months, the power generator is buzzing, your own boat is bobbing securely on the jetty, the pegs jump into the net as if by themselves, and in the glow of the campfire there is naked dancing on the sandy beach and long robinsonade played until the danger passed.

An island office is also no problem thanks to satellite technology, the islanders of choice send virtual greetings in loincloths. Sitting out Corona on an island is what many people dream of. So much for the romanticized idea of ​​a hideaway washed by the sea, but it alone is enough for more and more people to actually put this daydream into action: They buy an island.

“This is a vision that is currently particularly worrying about buyers,” confirms the man from Hamburg Inselmakler Farhad Vladi, 75, who has been selling or renting private islands around the world for almost 50 years. “Demand has risen sharply since the Corona crisis. It’s about calm, security and distance, ”he says.

The most expensive island on offer is a Pacific atoll

Inhabitable islets are available from 100,000 euros, about half a hectare wooded Lomsjö with a wooden hut in the northern Swedish lake Saxvattnet. The most expensive island that is looking for buyers is one of the Fiji Islands: The tropical Pacific atoll Vatu Vara with coconut palms and coral reef also costs 123 million euros.

A tropical paradise in the Pacific: the atoll Vatu Vara attracts with coconut palms and coral reef

A tropical paradise in the Pacific: the atoll Vatu Vara attracts with coconut palms and coral reef

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Islands that can be reached by car are particularly popular with Central Europeans – comparatively cheap in Scandinavia, for example, even if a long winter stay is bearable only with a hot water bottle in a fur muff, heated wool socks and moon boots.

But the icy climate in the cold season does not bother the most on the way: Islands off the eastern Canadian coast are also among the buyers’ favorites, especially those with fertile soils that are suitable as self-sufficient islands. “Many island owners then grow vegetables in the summer and try to live independently,” explains the island broker.

For sale: The island of Lomsjö in Lake Saxvattnet in Sweden

Not tropical, but quicker to reach: the island of Lomsjö in the northern Swedish lake Saxvattnet

Those: Vladi Private Islands

But he restricts the fact that every Robinsonad reaches its limits at some point. “You still have to go to the mainland often, for the headache pill, for fuel, for the doctor’s visit.” Because neither the ambulance nor the Amazon come as called.

Corona seems far away here

And then there is also the dreaded island fever, against which hardly anyone is immune. What to do if there is a dispute in paradise Ever since the dark island classic “Lord of the Flies” by Nobel Prize winner William Golding, one suspects that people far from civilization are not getting nicer either.

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The island broker advises his island-ripe customers to rent an island as a trial anyway. Or you are as clever as the forward-looking Swiss family who recently acquired not just one but two Canadian islands next to each other. Then you can still quickly island hop if the island blessing hangs crooked.

Incidentally, Farhad Vladi also owns an island off New Zealand. A manager couple lives there and looks after 100 sheep and 50 goats. “The happy couple feels very much at home there – and in fact hardly notices anything from Corona.”

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