Corona in Herne: chimney sweeps support swimming project

The moon knights are committed to swimming courses in Herne. The shipwreck threatened due to Corona. The chimney sweeps jumped in.

Herne’s singer and sponsor Horst “Graf Hotte” Schröder has difficulties in financing the social projects of the Wanne-Eickel Moon Knighthood due to donations failing due to canceled events in the Corona crisis. At the turn of the year there was good news: Herner chimney sweeps surprisingly donated 1250 euros.

“The seahorse project is particularly close to my heart,” says Horst Schröder. The moon knights made the offer to primary schools and daycare centers throughout the city to join the DLRG, and the moon knights would take over the membership fees, he explains. “This means that every child can take a swimming course at a 50 percent discount – we have already brought more than 1000 kids into the water with this campaign,” says the Wanne-Eickeler.

1000 seahorse kids already

In favor of the seahorse campaign, Schröder recently recorded a new music album, 100 percent of which will go to the project. “40 CDs have been sold since they were released, which brought 600 euros into the coffers.” But: “Unfortunately, with annual costs of around 2000 euros, that is not enough.” Shortly before Christmas he got an email from Herner chimney sweeps who wanted to give him a donation of 1250 euros, he says.

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“We donate every year for children with cancer, this year we have also collected money for the moon knight projects”, says donation organizer Volker Hohneiker. Six of the seven donors are from Herne, and it is important to them to do something for the local children, the Herne chimney sweep explains. “And nowadays too many children can’t swim.” All donors took part spontaneously, 1250 euros were collected after one and a half weeks, he reports.

A wave of non-swimmers is rolling towards Herne

“It’s been two years since we received such a large donation in one fell swoop,” says Schröder enthusiastically, “that is a great blessing for us because our till is almost empty and it doesn’t look like I’ll be back anytime soon can occur to fill them. ”The Mondritter and Schröder have an important mission:“ In the current year there were hardly any swimming courses in Herne, so a wave of non-swimmers is rolling towards us, and we want them as much is going to break. “

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With the chimney sweep donation and the CD sales, the annual costs for the project are almost secured. “For comparison: with the chimney sweep donation we can take over the DLRG contributions from around ten schools.” He is pleased: “I am more than thrilled, the willingness to donate is unique here!”

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