Corona in the US – Trump wants to end social distancing

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Donald Trump is getting impatient. He wants his “best economy ever” back. Older Americans who are ready to die are already reporting.

US President Donald Trump predicts full churches on Easter Sunday.

Photo: Sarah Silbiger / Keystone

He is itchy, the gambler and former owner of casinos. It should happen on Easter Sunday, because “Easter is a special day for me”. Why Donald Trump wants to take the Americans out of their corona isolation at Easter like Moses once did the Israelites out of Egypt. “The churches will be full,” predicted the president with a view to Easter Sunday, when the nation should show the virus to stink fingers.

At least that’s what Trump currently envisages. He wants to save the American economy because the pathogen threatens to ram it into the ground. This would result in unemployment of 30 percent, a drop in the social product by a third, suicides and otherwise devastated citizens, Trump believes. Social distancing is to be reduced, only in high-risk areas such as New York, New Orleans and Los Angeles would loneliness and emptiness prevail.

Ready for sacrifice

For at least a week, Trump has been whispered by conservative advisors and friends from finance and business: companies and businesses have to get going again, healthy Americans at work. Because seven months before the presidential election, the president wants his “best economy ever” back. He doesn’t want to be a second Herbert Hoover, he doesn’t want to be a loser like his republican predecessor, whom the voters drove out of office in the Great Depression in 1932.

There are already geriatric volunteers who are ready to die for Trump and the good of the nation. Dan Patrick, the 70-year-old deputy governor of Texas, was the first to agree to the sacrifice. If it is about risking survival so that the American dream still exists for children and grandchildren, “then I will be fully involved,” Patrick said on Monday at Fox News.

The country’s economic future is more important than the lives of grandparents and people of advanced age in general, Patrick wanted to say. He thus confirmed the observation of the American traveler Alexis de Tocqueville almost two centuries ago. “There is something heroic about the way the Americans do business,” the Frenchman wrote admiringly.

Even if we get sick, I’d rather die than kill the country.

Glenn Beck, TV impresario

So now heroes like Patrick or the conservative TV impresario Glenn Beck are pushing to the front. “Even if we get sick, I’d rather die than kill the country because it’s not just the economy that’s dying here, it’s the country,” Beck said on his show.

In 2009, Beck had argued against the introduction of Obamacare on the grounds that health care reform would inevitably lead to “death panels”. These would determine the life and death of older Americans. “We are there for the elderly, life is valuable in our country,” Beck had said at the time. But that was when Donald Trump was a hotelier and nothing else.

Rescue or disaster

Trump is now in the White House, and at some point the American economy has to start again. So why not start gradually with it soon? If it succeeds, Donald Trump, as the savior of the fatherland and its working people, will move into the White House again in January 2021. However, prematurely removing social isolation could lead to a medical disaster. Especially since the virus is back after a break in the fall and Trumps “best economy ever” could end again.

Experts like Dr. Anthony Fauci, head of the Infectious Diseases Department at the National Institutes of Health, considers Trump’s full Easter services extremely dangerous. That’s probably why they won’t take place. Nevertheless, the President, impatient and always ready to take risks, will push ever louder to move to the agenda as quickly as possible. Sitting still isn’t his thing.


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