“Corona is the worst that has ever happened to me” – Coronavirus

No previous illnesses, only 25 years old – and yet a corona infected person still suffers from the consequences of her illness after three weeks.

“Suddenly I couldn’t breathe. I thought I was suffocating and couldn’t even speak”, N. from Switzerland told “20 Minuten”. An ambulance brought the 25-year-old to the emergency room on October 1st. The positive test result gave certainty: Corona. She would never have thought that the disease could be dangerous for her.

“Can’t even walk 100 meters”

In the hospital, the young woman’s blood values ​​and lungs are examined. Fortunately, she has no pneumonia and is allowed to leave the hospital. 20 days after the diagnosis, she is still feeling bad. “I can’t even walk 100 meters without running out of air,” she says.

N. is shocked that the infection hit her so hard: “It is always said that young, healthy people do not have severe disease. If I had known how bad a mild course is, I would not have set foot outside the door . That `s not worth it.”

Fear of long-term damage

The 25-year-old Swiss woman demands that more people talk about how drastic corona disease can be – despite a good blood count and healthy lungs. She uses her voice on social media to educate young people. “Corona is the worst that has ever happened to me. I still have to do breathing exercises and am afraid that I will suffer serious long-term damage.”

She has no understanding for corona skeptics who defend themselves against the mask requirement and the distance rules: “That is irresponsible and selfish,” she says. “How can you live with exposing others to this dire disease?”

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