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Merkel: Difficult negotiations on Corona strategy until New Year’s Eve

Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) expects difficult negotiations with the prime ministers of the states about a corona strategy until Christmas and New Year’s Eve. “I hope that we come to more things next week,” said Merkel on Tuesday, according to information from the German press agency, in a virtual meeting of the Union parliamentary group in Berlin. She was quoted by participants as saying: “These will be very, very difficult decisions.” Addressing the budgetary politicians in the group, she said that the longer the discussion about the measures is dragged on, “and if we do not do it decisively enough, then it won’t get cheaper ”.

According to this information in the Union parliamentary group, Merkel justified her urge for quick decisions to be made. Also because they wanted to give a certain amount of freedom at Christmas, she would have liked to have decided on “a little more” on Monday. The more you try now, the better you can then allow certain loosening again, at least under corona conditions. The question of how to design New Year’s Eve is becoming even more complicated, said Merkel.

With regard to the measures over the turn of the year, Merkel said after the dpa information that this must also be discussed at the European level. If, for example, Austria comes down relatively quickly from the very high infection rate due to the hard lockdown there, one still has to be careful that everything is not torn down again on New Year’s Eve when the ski season opens there. An attempt must be made to concentrate on certain uniform rules of conduct in Europe. It will not be easy, Merkel predicted.

The Chancellor also justified her initiative to tighten the corona rules in schools. At the beginning of November, they were already aware that 75 percent of contacts would have to be restricted. A large part of these contacts take place in the private sector, some in restaurants and in the leisure sector. But there are also a large number of contacts in schools and daycare centers, said Merkel. For many sick people, Corona cannot be differentiated from normal respiratory diseases. This is also the problem with many older children, who often show no symptoms but are infectious. At the same time, Merkel stressed that nobody wanted to close schools.


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