Corona loosening – day care centers from Monday in regular operation – Dresden

Dresden – Saxony’s daycare centers will return to normal operations from Monday onwards due to corona-related restrictions. With the new regulation, the previous requirement of strictly separating the groups within a building and on the outside area is no longer applicable. In addition, there are no more restrictions on opening hours.

“A great relief both in the daycare sector and with many parents,” said Dirk Reelfs, spokesman for the Ministry of Culture on request. There had been a lot of positive feedback from parents in particular via social media.

The Ministry also pointed out that there is a new health certificate for presentation in crèches and kindergartens. According to this, the parents only have to confirm with their signature that the child is free of symptoms – not the entire household as before.

In addition, the symptoms were specified according to the guidelines of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) – cough, fever or vomiting will be included in the future – but no longer a runny nose. In the past few weeks, many parents had been unsure whether they could bring their child to daycare with a runny nose, according to Reelfs.

Corona protective measures continue to apply. For example, parents who bring their child to or from the day care center must wear a face mask and keep a sufficient distance from other people.

The Diakonie, owner of around 270 day care centers in Saxony, welcomed the return to regular operation under hygiene requirements. Now, open and partially open concepts and thus the education of children could be considered again, said Inga Blickwede.

The past few weeks with the principle of strictly separated groups would have required a lot of creativity and commitment from the institutions.

In Saxony, a new ordinance will also apply from Tuesday (June 30) – until July 17. For example, this provides for relaxation for larger family celebrations and music clubs, but the obligation to wear a mask and restrictions on contact remain in place for the time being.


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