Corona media conference: “Unfortunately we still have too little vaccine”

“Since the expansion of the test strategy at the end of January, the BAG experts have been out and about in the cantons and support them,” says Lévy. With regard to the self-tests, she explains why there are no approved self-tests in Switzerland.

“At first only symptomatic people were tested, asymptomatic only targeted, so to protect people at risk,” says Lévy. “The self-tests don’t fit into this strategy. In addition, the quality is too low, self-tests are not as reliable as PCR tests, for example. ” In addition, the results would probably not be reported.

But the BAG is looking at it. Self-tests could possibly be approved in Switzerland in the future. However, the quality must be guaranteed and, in the event of a positive result, a confirmation test must be carried out if they are approved. There could also be problems with the data transfer.

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