Corona mutation: British angry about border closings

When the British government was negotiating the reopening of the border with Paris at various levels, hundreds of truck drivers, but also many European visitors, looked into the unknown on Tuesday. According to the Home Office, at least 1,500 trucks waited in Kent on Tuesday night to continue. How many Europeans two days ago Christmas stuck in the UK is unclear. The London “SPD Circle of Friends” accused the federal government of “ignoring” the fate of Germans in Great Britain. They have once again become the “unobserved plaything of politics”.

Minister of the Interior Priti Patel confirmed on Tuesday that negotiations with France are primarily being held on how the border could be reopened with local corona tests. Because of the associated logistics, travelers could be prevented from crossing the border for days even if an agreement was reached quickly.

“Unfortunately that doesn’t look good.”

Prime minister Boris Johnson had spread the hope at a press conference on Monday evening that the situation would clear up “in the next few hours”. He reported an “excellent phone conversation” with French President Emmanuel Macron. Transport Minister Grant Shapps had previously been “surprised” by the border closure, and Johnson also disguised his irritation in diplomatic words. “I would like to stress that in the UK we fully understand our friends’ fears about the new Covid mutation, but it is also true that we really appreciate the danger posed by a driver sitting alone in his cabin keep it low. “

In parts of the British press, the lack of understanding about the abrupt border closure was expressed more bluntly. A columnist threw Macron Populism and a “Trump-like” approach. Others drew attention to the fact that the mutated virus had long since arrived on the continent. Even the German virologist Christian Drosten was brought into the field as a witness against the border closure and the landing bans for aircraft from Great Britain. Drosten had initially expressed “not very worried” about the virus mutation on Monday and questioned Johnson’s finding that it was 70 percent more contagious. At night tweeted Drosten then however: “New data on the mutant. Unfortunately that doesn’t look good. “


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